How to Choose the Right Charity

With hundreds of charities to choose from on our website, selecting just one can be a tough decision. You want to make an impact, but there are so many great causes that need support. Here are a few helpful tips to picking a charity to donate to.

1.Identify causes that are important to you

Ask yourself which causes you are most passionate about. Whether it’s cancer research or world hunger, you may have a personal connection to these causes and want to contribute to finding a solution. The cause should align with your own values and interests so you can strengthen your relationship with that charity.

2. Decide Your Preferences

There are many questions you will need to ask yourself before selecting a charity. Do you want your chosen charity to have a Canadian or international focus? Does the charity have excellent leadership? Are you looking to donate to a small charity or a large charity? This step will help you narrow down your choices.

3. Make a List

Once you have decided your preferences, make a list of the charities that meet these preferences. Search online for charities or ask friends and family for recommendations. Visit each charity’s website and look for important information such as mission statements, reviews, and how your donation will help their organization. Once you have this list, you can make the decision on which charity is best for you. It always helps to reach out and speak to them as well for more information!

We have hundreds of charities to select from on our website to help you decide which works best for you. When you donate your car, truck, van, RV or boat with us, 100% of the proceeds will be sent directly to the charity of your choice, and you will receive a tax receipt. We appreciate your donation – don’t forget to fill out the form on our website to start making a difference today!


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